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happy 36

you don't become a year older just on your birthday, it's something that happens continuously throughout the year – unless you're me, who literally stays the same age all year round but then ages a year on my birthday. this phenomenon happened again a couple of weeks ago. i forgot to post on here about it, but i write a newsletter to reflect on my birthday when i was half my own age.

back then i loved taking photos with my nikon coolpix 2000 and was just "getting started with computers." here's a photo i took of a photo of a sunset in 2002: a blurry photo of a sunset

i want to get back into taking fun candid photos and writing more, which are both v hard to do when there's a pandemic. i'm going to have to create my own adventures at home like i did with and for this blog! i'm starting a new routine this month that i think will help me become creatively unblocked, and i'm excited because it seems to already be working - i already streamed twice this week on my own, which is a milestone since we ended hoobastank2 earlier this month.

anyway, you asked! also, here's the last mirror selfie at 35: a selfie of me in front of a long mirror in my bedroom. i am wearing gray leggings and a leather jacket and wool hat, since i

xoxo jenn

this was published February 24, 2021 under living selfies routines streaming