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ten years ago there was a true taste-maker who was ahead of her time, named jenn schiffer, who started a newsletter and it got to just over 1700 people. this was pretty wild because in 2014 there were only like 5000 people on the internet. hi, i'm jenn schiffer, and i have since deleted my mailchimp account so i could only find the first issue in a reply to an email someone sent.

screenshot of my old newsletter from march 20, 2014, called "e-news money dollars" above the header it says "you're probably not going to regret subscribe to this but, who knows, i'm not psychic. there's a george costanza image of the week from my friend tim branyen but the images are all broken. the body of the email says  welcome to my e-newsletter IT'S TIME TO STOP BEING INBOX ZERO AND START GETTING REAL So the other day I was writing a blog. After that I was talking to pals in IRC (Internet Rules Chat) about the new domain TLDs (like .technology, .sexy, and .careers) and some of them never even heard of them. Whenever someone tells me they didn't know something or if they give me an update on their life, sometimes I joke "guess I'll have to add it to the newsletter." WELL THE JOKE'S ON YOU This e-newsletter is for me to bring cool stuff to your attention and to also build my personal brand in case I leave the web development industry to become an E! News anchor. YOU WANT GIFS? OK"

this mailing list has gotten some mileage. i used mailchimp for several years, tried substack for like a month, and then landed at that one service twitter used to own, revue. i actually really liked that one! everyone i encountered that worked there were really nice and helpful, but it was shut down pretty much immediately after caffeine free diet coke and a glock bought twitter.

last month i mentioned thinking about starting a new mailing list and i'm a woman of my blogged (pronounced 'blah-gid') word, so - whoops - buttondown.email/jenn is where you can subscribe. this is a fresh new list, so if you were an og e-news money dollars subscriber, thank you but you gotta subscribe to this one for continued valor.

the reason i went scorched earth here is slightly rational: because i have "director" in my corporate job title, the cold emails i get are absolutely feral when it comes to handling mailing lists - i basically get offered the "opportunity" to purchase attendee data for any large tech industry event on a weekly basis and i find that to be extremely fucking disgusting. this is in part why i decided to delete the 1700-row mailing list and start anew with this one - like, i've been carrying these email addresses for so long, rarely even emailing them, that if they REALLY want to be on my list they will find their way: by you subscribing to the new one. i said the reason was slightly rational!

if you're worried how often i'll be sending email out, don't piss me off. this list is literally to let you know when i've written a blog or have cool events coming up - we're talking like 2x a month, tops. if you're a sicko who wants an email from me more frequently, just email me lol - the whole reason i'm sending this out today is because an old friend of mine sent me a hilarious email and said i should email her my blog posts as i write them. so this is really for you, alice - but the rest of you are welcome join us. as i said 10 years ago in the first newsletter i ever sent:

you're probably not going to regret subscribing to this but, who knows, i'm not psychic

welcome to inbox hell!

xoxo jenn, sole co-ceo of live laugh email

this was published June 19, 2024 under living tech email newsletter