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the intersection of candles and code

last month i said i'd be experimenting with more sculptural candles and that's exactly what i did this weekend. and because i had also recently finished my three.js journey certificate, i figured that starting this weekend's session by rendering the candle on the web first would be a good practice and a cool way to show off the candle i had floating in my mind for weeks.

i built the following app with react-three-fiber that shows a simple 3d orange. when you click it, the scene shows a box whose faces are a photo of one of the actual IRL 3d oranges i made in candle form.

using round molds for wax is a huge pain in the ass, especially because i was especially impatient yesterday. it's been an anxious few weeks for me and fucking up a couple of the candles really reminded me that i need to and can chill the fuck out at home.

three orange fruit candles sitting with each other on a white background. 2 of them are more imperfect than the other, the wax is not as smooth

fortunately they are all very cute, and i did get a very smooth one!

photo of my handle holding up a little, perfect orange fruit candle

i'm happy with the exercise of both code and candle making together. now that i'm a little refreshed on the three.js code part of the experience, i need to dive back into blender so i can make more complicated models that are still performant in the browser.

oh! this is totally unrelated to candles, but related to code i also worked on this weekend: i'm collaborating again with jamie brew, this time on his next robot-powered karaoke show in brooklyn, later this month on march 25th. it's going to be a fun time whether you like to sing karaoke or not. and it's at wonderville, so you can always just ignore us and play some of the really great indie arcade games.

xoxo jenn

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falling for prince's fridge

as a former professional satirist, i know that you can always make someone fall for something. as april fools day approaches us again, i'd like to share what i believe was the only good april fools joke ever: heavy table's 'what's in prince's fridge'. click that right now, read it, and then come back. heavy table is a reader-sponsored culinary online zine based in prince's home zone, minneapolis and they are absolute legends for this one.

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catching up on candles

i haven't posted a candle-making blog since june 2022](/posts/candle-making-cento/) but i haven't stopped making them. i guess i just forgot to blog about them, but i'm pretty sure i took photos each time. let's catch up on my candle-making adventures.

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grade school entrepreneur

i was just watching emma chamberlain tell some childhood stories and early into it she talked about under-the-table selling stickers and erasers to kids when she was a little kid and it feeling drug-dealery. i basically had the same experience.

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2024: another year of blog on the desktop

there are only 2 good things about being a blogger: 1. the piles of money that come in every single week from Big Blog Enterprises 2. the pleasant surprise that you wrote and totally forgot about your resolutions and intentions from the year prior hello, fellow billionaires. i'm jenn schiffer and this is my **2024 blog**, a lot has changed since my 2023 post.

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10 years since i warned you's about bitcoin

10 years ago i was working as a senior front-end engineer at the nba making way too little money for what they had me doing and writing extremely niche web development satire as a hobby with my coworker – normal 20-something lady in tech things. this was last time i ever remember being truly bored, which was the big driver behind me writing things on an invite-only blogging platform (medium the dot com in its infancy) that i knew were very funny and therefore would piss off a certain demographic.

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my 2023 year in code

i know how to code and i'm pretty good at it, but it's not something i do for my full-time job anymore - this is great for me, honestly. so, obviously, i do not write as much code as i *used* to, *but* i still made a lot of interesting things this year. here is **my 2023 in code**.

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get a sticker book

during covid quarantine, i decided to try to organize the decade of stickers from my career in the tech industry. i figured that i could fashion a sticker book out of a binder and plastic dividers from the dollar store. this proved to be a major fucking pain in the ass.

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my 2016 electric objects interview, revisited

i figured that i'd revisit my interview with eo since it now only exists as a semi-working page on the wayback machine (the best machine imho). what i'll do here is copy and paste all of the interview and add some commentary, ok? this should be fun.

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