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get a sticker book

during covid quarantine, i decided to try to organize the decade of stickers from my career in the tech industry. i figured that i could fashion a sticker book out of a binder and plastic dividers from the dollar store. this proved to be a major fucking pain in the ass.

so actually found a custom sticker book on etsy in december 2022 and i can say that almost exactly one year into owning it, i love this freaking thing.

photo of my stickerbook that's 11x7, covered in a blue and gold cheetah print and has big text saying "jenn's sticker book"

i mean, come on, it has MY NAME ON IT! it's just so flippin cute, ok i need to relax. i'm 16 1/2 11x7" pages into the book. here's that page so far lol: makeup, deftones, my employer playing on the live laugh love phrase, and weed (legal)...these are a few of my favorite things.

photo of a 1/2 full page in my sticker book which has stickers representing glossier the makeup brand, a couple of weed companies and a local dispensary, a deftones sticker that's "ironically" pastel and has a rainbow, and a sticker that says "live waf love"

anyway, i'll make an app where you can page through my sticker book, but that's going to take awhile and i wanted to share this with you before the holidays. a sticker book: awesome gift for any age!!

xoxo jenn, NOT SPONSORED!!

this was published November 14, 2023 under living tech etsy stickers

my 2016 electric objects interview, revisited

i figured that i'd revisit my interview with eo since it now only exists as a semi-working page on the wayback machine (the best machine imho). what i'll do here is copy and paste all of the interview and add some commentary, ok? this should be fun.

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karol polak made 8-bit art

one of my favorite things in the entire world is receiving email or coming upon social media posts of people using [make8bitart.com](https://make8bitart.com), which is a free in-browser pixel art editor i've built and been maintaining since my own learning-to-javascript journey back in 2011 - 12 years ago!

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how to grow a web presence, 1/n

in 2013 i grew a significant following after entering the javascript conference talk circuit as the 'art and code' girl at the basketball company who also wrote tech satire which scared a generation of web developers into reading more critically and commenting more kindly (if at all).

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command strips and lemon dill chickpea pasta

i was in target earlier this week looking for a couple of things for my home. i know that target has a reputation for being full of really annoying women, and it’s true – i am really annoying women. the reality, though, is that behind every actually annoying woman in target is an even more annoying college-age son who she’s trying to match the energy of so they get get the hell going without her taking on herself whatever adventure he is on. i salute the moms actually trying to get their crusty sons through life without falling into the ✱ndrew t✱te pipeline! 🫡

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i spent the last month on a pretty cool watercolor project

welcome to my blog. i know it's been over a month since i've lived, laughed and blogged, but this project i'm about to talk about has been taking up my free time and i think you'll find it worth my absence. if you don't find that this is the case, then keep that to yourself 💜

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