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just some upcoming events and things on my mind

my fucking allergies!!

just kidding, that's not what this blog is about, i just wanted to acknowledge it. here are some other things i want to acknowledge, separated by "these need your attention and action" and "no call to action needed here":

these need your attention and action

no call to action needed here

  • next week is the 10 year anniversary of me launching my sorting algorithm, jortsort at jsconf. i was going to make a documentary in time for it but it was not enough for me to get a new camera and microphone, i also got depression. something is in the works, it will just take some time. i got vitamins at duane reade about it because they had a BOGO deal on their store brand, so keep me in your thoughts and prayers.
  • i've been thinking of signing up for my 20th newsletter platform (i quit substack way before it was "cool" btw) to crosspost my blogs here to the inboxes of you dinguses who had joined my mailing list over the last 10 years. anyway, you may get an email from me soon about it and i encourage you to unsubscribe if you don't want it - i just ask you not to announce your departure to me because i'm not an airport but i am fragile.
  • i had some downtime the other night during an event and so i searched my name on twitter to see if anyone's been talking shit since i deleted my account 1.25 years ago. all things said about me were very kind, and i was reminded of a thing i said at causal islands last year that i think is worth sharing this week:

screenshot of a tweet from may 2023 from @steubens saying "the founder of slack followed jennschiffer and she deleted her account:("

oh whoops, my bad, i meant this one:

screenshot of a tweet from @causalislands in june 2023 quoting me saying "AI, though, is not inherently the problem. It's how we decide to use it. It's supposed to optimize our workflows, not replace humanity and thoughtfulness and tenderness, which is again why we need community."

there we go!

xoxo jenn

p.s. i didn't delete twitter because of any founder of slack (stewart and cal have been nothing but kind to me) but what i think happened was i had accidentally deactivated my account instead of deleting it and so i reactivated it to delete and there's a bot that tracks tech founders' follows that clearly had some kind of bug. anyway, i don't think the gag of posting that screenshot was worth the effort of me to explain but whatever you asked.

p.p.s. i know you didn't ask but i'm just not (currently) in my rumors era.

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an april photo dump before april is over

in the girly world of working on projects, being depressed, and blogging, you often can only pick two of those - and my brain *loves* to work on projects and be depressed. it's been a busy april, but first a word from our sponsor: pumagreg.

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the intersection of candles and code

last month i said i'd be experimenting with more sculptural candles and that's exactly what i did this weekend. and because i had also recently finished my three.js journey certificate, i figured that starting this weekend's session by rendering the candle on the web first would be a good practice and a cool way to show off the candle i had floating in my mind for weeks.

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as a former professional satirist, i know that you can always make someone fall for something. as april fools day approaches us again, i'd like to share what i believe was the only good april fools joke ever: heavy table's 'what's in prince's fridge'. click that right now, read it, and then come back. heavy table is a reader-sponsored culinary online zine based in prince's home zone, minneapolis and they are absolute legends for this one.

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grade school entrepreneur

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2024: another year of blog on the desktop

there are only 2 good things about being a blogger: 1. the piles of money that come in every single week from Big Blog Enterprises 2. the pleasant surprise that you wrote and totally forgot about your resolutions and intentions from the year prior hello, fellow billionaires. i'm jenn schiffer and this is my **2024 blog**, a lot has changed since my 2023 post.

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