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catching up on candles

i haven't posted a candle-making blog since june 2022 but i haven't stopped making them. i guess i just forgot to blog about them, but i'm pretty sure i took photos each time. let's catch up on my candle-making adventures.

i scoured my phone and then realized i got a new phone between moves, so i had to scour my camera backups. the first candle-related photo since my june 2022 session was taken on july 31, 2022, of a candle i know i made but have absolutely no recollection of making it.

photo of a candle in a glass shot class and 2 small wicks. it's red-orange in color and in front of my old tv

and then a couple of months later, i have a photo of just two candles that i also don't recall making. i do believe i have the instant espresso one and more likely than not it is scented like "tomato vine" or something like that.

photo of a candle in a glass shot class and 2 small wicks. it's red-orange in color and in front of my old tv

i maybe gave my pal lisa the peppercorn one because she gave me that container because i was raving about how much better it performed than my stupid pepper grinder. as i'm typing this i'm realizing why it's so important i blog this stuff as it happens, because my hashimoto's really does impact my memory. oh, and if that is lisa's candle, it would be "red sangria" scented.

i do know for a fact that this candle i gave lisa (not phil and celeste like i initially wrote, they got another of this scent) was "red sangria". this was an update from lisa* in august, 2023.

screenshot of an imessage from phil showing a photo of a Cento jar candle lit that's pinkish in color, and phil said "thank you! she's in action!"

so the huge gap between these candle sessions is because i had gotten into making watercolors, had a conference talk to to give out of the country, and i moved. my next known session was october, 2023, in our new kitchen.

photo of my kitchen that's it's own separate little room, so my candle workstation wraps around 2 sides from the stove to the entire counter

i fortunately had photos of my setup before and after this session, so i know the jars and their associated scents were:

  1. wordcamp mug: blue spruce
  2. peppers and capers: fallen leaves
  3. blueberry preserves: blueberry cobbler (gave one to my coworker, melissa)
  4. grape mugs: chocolate fudge (gave one to my coworker, hannah)

photo of in my kitchen of the candles i've poured and are curing, still mostly melted. there's a chinese mustard jar, 3 mugs, two jam jars, a chickpea can, and a capers jar

my biggest session every was in december, 2023, just a few months ago. there was so many and i did a lot of scent and color mixing and mind-changing, so i'm not 100% sure i'm correct about the jar and scents:

  1. pesto jar: cardamom and creme (gave this to our pals robby and edna)
  2. strawberry jam jar: cardamom and creme (claimed by my coworker michael)
  3. hot jalapenos: fallen leaves (claimed by my coworker sophie)
  4. dijon mustard: smoked oud (i think this was claimed by my coworker dj)
  5. blueberry preserves jar: eucalyptus
  6. jalapeno stuffed olives (mmm): blue spruce and eucalyptus (claimed by my coworker karen)
  7. cento peppers: smoked oud
  8. cafe du monde: blood orange and (i think?) citrus sunshine

photo of a bunch of melted candles (listed above) on my kitchen counter, just beginning to cure

i brought a bunch of these to the office and just told folks they're free for the taking. they got a kick out of the scents and colors not matching the condiments labeled on the jar. "cardamom and cream" is definitely in my top 5 favorite scents ever, i'll definitely be buying more. the cafe du monde double-wick i kept for myself and was recycled from the office.

photo of an orange, double-wicked (and lit) candle made from a cafe du monde coffee tin

here is pumagreg, taking credit for work he didn't do. i'm actually obsessed with this photo of him!!

pumagreg posing next to some of my finished candles. his hind legs are standing on a chair and his front legs are standing on the table, he's standing like a regal gentleman

and this weekend i was at it again. the jars were starting to pile up behind the sink so i got those out of the way and got to experiment with my votive and sphere molds.

  1. glass from the smooth technology holiday party: honeysuckle
  2. pepperoncini: lavender embers (this one is for a coworker)
  3. peppers jar, cherries jar: macintosh apple
  4. andy's old and damaged centipede glass: lemon poundcake
  5. blueberry preserves: almond macaron

photo of candles (listed above) that are pretty far into their curing process so you can see their true wax colors

i think this will be my last candle session filling jars. i want to get into more artistic sculptures using wax and wick, so my next candle-making post will hopefully be a wacky one.

xoxo jenn

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