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an early birthday gift to my blog

content warning: nude pixel art

you better believe it, this blog turns 1 year old at the end of the month! and if you've been paying a little bit of attention, you'll notice it has been on hiatus for about a month. and if you've been paying a LOT of attention, you'll know that the reason for the hiatus is that i've been getting into streaming and sharing my journey as i move livelaughblog from tumblr to its own app on glitch.

why would i rip everything up and start again, besides "new year, new blog?" while i do like tumblr for its community and short form content, i didn't feel like writing there worked very well for me this past year. i'll try to break this down in a few short reasons:

  1. i couldn't figure out a way to get reblogs to fit in with the flow of the blog so i held back from ever reblogging. this made me feel less part of the community unless i put the effort into managing two tumblrs sites. this would be fine, except...
  2. their beta version of the post editor has no markdown setting and that is a dealbreaker for me! the html and wysiwyg editor have caused me much pain and frustration, and i've had enough of losing content or having to refactor tumblr's unintuitive image scaling and html generation.
  3. most importantly, i want to write more about my art! and this would mean posting photos and illustrations of erotic pixel art that tumblr has (in my opinion) very opaquely and unfairly flagged in past tumblr sites i've managed. i hate that i held content back for a year because of their unpredictable moderation.

scan of a pixel art watercolor of breasts here's a low quality scan of my favorite painting of mine. it's currently hanging in my partner's living room.

don't get me wrong, i still enjoy tumblr, and i am excited to reblog with reckless abandon on my rebooted microblog there. moving the blog over to glitch was also a practice of dogfooding the new generated static site feature we launched last week (this is a remix of our new eleventy starter!), as well as giving me a much more reliable, yet portable, markdown editor.

but the biggest reason is that i simply love redesigning and building my personal sites, and i'm no stranger to not holding back from an unnecessary dramatic change here and there. this is why i couldn't possibly wait until may 31st to switch the domain over to here where you are now. there's still some more work to do, and if you're interested in following that journey more, you should check out my tuesday morning "standups" on twitch.

thanks for joining (or continuing) this journey with me and, yes, there will be a livelaughconf 2. stay tuned :)

xoxo jenn

this was published May 6, 2021 under living announcements meta