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"what if i become a lifestyle blogger" —some very hot person

two months into the coronavirus shutdown, i took a week off of work to cool off from burnout and try to rediscover a means of creative expression that isn't tied to my job; normals would call this "finding a hobby".

i became a lifestyle blogger.

many folks who know of my work already were introduced to me through my writing, be it my tech satire or my conference talks. a couple of years ago i stepped back from that in an attempt to balance life and work and performance. then i, as one does, finally found the grave of my mother, went a bit too hard on the alcohol, got sober, went vegan again and then recently found myself sheltered in place alone and surrounded by all my things that i once used to express myself (art supplies, computers, paper, etc). it only made sense to go back to the basics, but be extremely extra about it.

a wall with turquoise and silver streamers with balloon letters spelling BLOG? over them

so livelaughblog is my new hobby; a personal blog where i'm going to write again about whatever i feel like. and i'm going to take it both seriously and not seriously, as i always have done with the tools made available to me by the internet. all i need from you, dear reader, is to share my work with all the cool, kind people you know and to give where/what you can to those who need it.

that's all! i mean, i did tell some of y'all that the hype i was creating for this blog wouldn't be worth it! anyway, while you're here, here's an exploration of the time capsule that was my work bag from before the statewide shutdown.

xoxo jenn

this was published May 31, 2020 under art food health style tech living working announcements