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this blog is not even two months old but i’ve already given it a new look

hello, friends! i am currently going through what some would call it, and when i’m going through it i cope by reorganizing the things around me that are reorganize-able. before i go any further, let’s put on some appropriate music.

okay, so the first thing i did was reorganize my apartment. i moved lots of furniture around, organized things, moved art to different walls, etc. the place now has a whole new, fun energy that i am desperate to have pervade throughout the rest of my life. with my living space in order, it was only natural that i start reorganizing my online spaces. first order of business was to iterate on this site's template.

a big part of the process and performance of creating this blog was hiring professionals to design the branding. one of my myspace top 8, juan pablo, introduced me to this incredible couple of women, maria and nataly of asísí felicia. if you're starting a blog and are not a designer by trade, i 200% would recommend hiring a designer, and them specifically. i have a sense of style and an aesthetic when it comes to my in-home and online properties, but i knew that if i tried to do the brand design, this thing would never be launched. and it was launched! remember, we raised over $10,000? lol, keep up!

i did much of the blog's layout and element design before and during the brand design process. what i launched this site with was never what i intended to be official/permanent – but it got. the. job. done. here is what the site looked like this morning:

screenshot of livelaughblog with a now-old theme

there was something about this template that felt extremely incomplete and simply too minimalist. i knew adding box shadows would help, but i really wanted to add something special that would have folks who know my work think "this is extremely jenn schiffer." i think i captured that with the latest template:

screenshot of livelaughblog with a new theme

now, you probably won't see a pixel butt on your screen. you'd have to draw one yourself, which you can do because behind the content of this blog is a graph paper drawing app. what fun! if you want to play with an isolated version of the app, check out my original app, grafpaper. i have plenty of these drawing apps that i'd like to incorporate into the backgrounds of other sites i own.

i hope you enjoy the site design, and that you'll let me know if you encounter any buggies. i shan't promise that i won't make a new template again soon – i took this week off of work so i would not have to work, so i have some extra time to rip more stuff up.

xoxo j

this was published July 26, 2020 under tech art living javascript announcements