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wonderville turned 5! also we're doing another show there this month

yesterday andy and i went to wonderville to help celebrate their 5th birthday! in this middle school standardized test essay, i will talk more about what that means and also close with a call to action related to a new show i'm doing this month.

selfie of andy and i on a subway platform waiting for the downtown f which sometimes feels like waiting for the verizon guy iykyk here's a BeReal (rhymes with "cereal") crop of us on the way to wonderville. i had to take off most of my rings because my period is due soon so i'm retaining about half a hudson river's worth of water. you asked!

wonderville is an all-indie arcade bar in brooklyn that hosts a wide variety events almost, if not actually, every single day. and the fact that every game is indie means that the artists and developers have room to do really cool shit with the medium. my favorites there in the current rotation are Hair Nah, Icarus Proudbottom’s Typing Partylike, and this cake game that i gotta go back [foreshadowing] to catch the name of:

photo of a fake, pretty, two-tiered birthday cake and there's a mobile device screen built in on the top of it with a blue arcade button. you don't know how bad i want to eat a cake that looks exactly like this. like my uterus is quivering right now thinking about it. you asked!

wonderville was opened by our friends mark and stephanie, who have been involved in so many cool spaces in the scene over the past decade or so. if you had any hope of running or experiencing diy spaces in a world plagued by viruses like covid or corporate real estate, you should absolutely follow their work.

photo of the polygonal projected stage with mark and stephanie up there giving a toast in front of all of us watching from the arcade floor here they are, absolute angels, on stage as we all gave a toast to 5 years.

it's a special scene that i'm proud to be a part of, and whenever i make it out there i always get to reconnect with folks i've not seen offline in forever - like jenn de la vega, who catered the event.

photo of a hot buffet inside a ship and a dolphin is at the window smiling there were too many people (a good problem) to take a photo of the spread, but it looked exactly like this but way better and fewer dolphins and less being in a boat or sub underwater

jenn contributed to the first livelaughconf that i put together to celebrate launching this blog almost 4 years ago. i should do another one, yeah?

photo from the toilet at wonderville where the walls are pink and covered in montherboards and circuit boards POV, you're peeing (legally) at wonderville after chugging a shirley temple

if you're in the nyc area and looking for an excuse to check out wonderville, you should just check it out whenever you feel like it and/or...

you can come to my and jamie brew's next robot karaoke cage-match at wonderville on may 27th at 7pm!

this will be our second time co-hosting this on wonderville's amazing and unique polygonal stage! our last show generated their 2nd most viral tiktok - in that you can watch me singing "like a prayer" with lyrics coming from stack overflow posts.

it's probably the most responsible way to spend your memorial day evening, so i hope to see some of you there. if you thought karaoke was hard or bad, wait until you see how we use technology to make it even harder and worse!

xoxo jenn

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