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bug vs. shark

last night i sent a newsletter after about 5 months of elecronic mail silence, hehehe whoops. a couple of folks wrote back asking for me to send pumagreg updates. for those who do not know, pumagreg is a black cat i adopted about 6 and a half years ago, and he was probably about one year old at the time. he's the softest and cuddliest bug in the united states with the sweetest little voice. he's equally intelligent and dumb, much like myself.

here's a photo of him this afternoon wrestling a plush shark.

pumagreg, a black cat, laying on the couch next to a plush shark toy about his size and it looks like they are dancing

and here he is losing a wrestling match to a plush shark.

similar photo to the one above, except it looks like pumagreg is punching the shark

the plush shark was given to me by melody, who is a really kind and talented developer, designer and community organizer. you should follow them on twitter at @pixelyunicorn. the cool thing about having pumagreg around is that no matter how far up my own ass i get, he's always there to remind me that it's his world (and plush shark) and he's v kindly allowing me to live in it.

pumagreg, cropped and zoomed in to his face looking mildly worried

"look into these eyes, then you'll see the size of these flames" - william frederick durst

xoxo jenn

this was published August 2, 2021 under living pumagreg friends creatures

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