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i’m giving an important talk at “internet explorers” on saturday 10/9

first off, i learned how to type “smart quotes” at work yesterday. i gotta be honest, it’s an awful lot of work!

secondly, i let andy pick my next nail color and he requested "emerald green" and added "metallic." the only one i could find at duane reade was "combustealable" (dumb name) by sally hansen. i'm super impressed by the miracle gel formula, zero chips after 3 days! i may buy more colors, but i'll also use a different brush because the one it comes with is awful.

photo of my nails that are emerald metallic green, and the manicure looks fresh and new
"disco gumby" is what i'm calling it from now on

thirdly of all, i'm giving a talk this saturday at internet explorers: one night only big tech bonanza! hosted by my dear pal and partner-in-tech-humor-crimes, mark vigeant, i'll be joining a lineup of experts and comedians to use laughter as a defense mechanism against the horrors of big tech – by the way, wild week we're having, huh?

it should be a fun show, and it's my first speaking event in a very long time. i am contractually obligated by my own brain and ego not to tell you what i'm talking about, but if you're on the fence about coming, maybe this photo of mark and i demoing my game "apology hero: the game" at a past show will convince you...

photo of mark and i on stage in front of my computer playing apologyhero and making very expressive sad faces

...or not!

xoxo jenn

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yes, i am trying to get back into painting pixel art again

it's been, probably, years since i've [painted any pixel art](https://jennmoney.biz/art). yes, i've had artist's block for a long time! no, i don't want to talk about it! earlier this week i made a pixel art painting of this japanese candy mascot named noobow, while [andy was streaming a game](https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1121475769) based on it.

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domesticating feral tomatoes

i don't think i've ever officially *gardened*. i was simply never told that it was a thing i could even ever do. several years ago i lived in an apartment building with a grassy front lawn in montclair, new jersey, and during a visit from my uncle vinny, he said 'what's with the grass, you should pave it.' it's absurd to most, but there was virtually no grass within sight from our bay ridge apartment when i lived with him as a baby. what i'm getting at is, basically, a balcony counts as 'nature' to me.

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reverend jenn

'getting married' is not something i want to do ever, but that's not to say i am against marriage. all the weddings *i've* been to were fun as hell! also, i became a reverend a couple of years ago so i could officiate the unions of my besties, phil and celeste.

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bug vs. shark

last night i sent a newsletter after about 5 months of elecronic mail silence, hehehe whoops. a couple of folks wrote back asking for me to send pumagreg updates...

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hello, august 〰️ ➰ ➿

it's a new month. it will be a true blessing if it's even only 99% as aggravating as july was for me. for a better chance of that, i went into it with a fresh haircut and looking like a living, breathing doodle.

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my truth

in which i reflect on one of the most epic and kept-behind-closed-doors cake failures ever in my mid-thirties.

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my candles needed thicker wicks

remember in may when i made candles and they burned a tunnel instead of all the way through? my hypothesis was that i needed thicker wicks. before i get into that adventure, i first want to tell you *a tale of the ultimate betrayal of friendship*...

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