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"getting married" is not something i want to do ever, but that's not to say i am against marriage. all the weddings i've been to were fun as hell! also, i became a reverend a couple of years ago so i could officiate the unions of my besties, phil and celeste. i bring this up seemingly out of nowhere because phil sent me this photo, seemingly out of nowhere, today:

wedding photo of me as i walk up the aisle to officiate and i'm holding a binder and looking pretty serious in like a mona lisa kind of way

"dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to go through my binder of pokemon cards."

this was my first time being a part of a wedding and it was super special, fun, and one of the most relaxing unpaid gigs i've done. phil was an empathetic employer, who was open to questions and making sure i was in the best position to do my best work.

screenshot of an imessage conversation where i asked phil "can the dj at the reception play will2k" and he replies "dont' see why not"

the dj at the reception did play will2k

they say variety is the spice of life, and this wedding was definitely spicy. the day before the wedding, one of the top twitter explore page topics was "mark ronson says sorry, but he actually doesn't identify as sapiosexual."

the day of the wedding, i went hyperlocal-viral on nextdoor doing the ol' "post a photo of dumped ice and ask if someone lost their pile of ice" gag. it always kills!

screenshot of nextdoor with the subject "Re: someone left their pile of ice in (redacted)" and a comment "i now know that my decision to leave this site is a good one. ice cubes....."

no, don't leave this site, ur so sexy

the day after the wedding, my content boyfriend and i documented my mailing of the marriage certificate.

animated gif of my walking to a postal box and putting an envelope inside

it's funny how i didn't know what to write about today, until phil's text appeared out of the blue with a freshly-unlocked memory. i love when friends send me old photos just because, it's a nice mental break from the current chaos.

have you forgiven marc ronson for actually not identifying as sapiosexual? sound off in the comments!

xoxo jenn

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