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hello, august 〰️ ➰ ➿

photo of my hand showing a white with black swirl manicure, i'm wearing a white shirt with a black grid all over, and i'm wearing white shoes with thin black stripes on them

it's a new month. it will be a true blessing if it's even only 99% as aggravating as july was for me. for a better chance of that, i went into it with a fresh haircut and looking like a living, breathing doodle. the gel set was done at chillhouse 10 days ago, the sneakers are adidas, and the shirt was thrifted (tag says "bb dakota").

i just scarfed down an entire scallion pancake and feel like i'm about to spew both out and up. do you have any fun plans and goals for august, too? sound off in the comments and be sure to click the bell on some random youtuber's page.

xoxo jenn

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