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she's still balding

content warning and disclaimer: this is a brief post about a health issue, specifically autoimmune hair loss. i'm not soliciting diagnoses, treatments, advice, apologies, sympathy, or proof-of-work cryptocurrencies.

i'm overdue on an update about my alopecia, which i've written about before: my current status is ughhhhhhhhhhh...

photo of me holding the side of my hair up with my hand an a hairclip, showing 3 bald spots around the crown of my head

i found a new small spot today. it is pretty frustrating because the other two spots finally stopped losing hair and there's a lot of early growth – all it took was a few months of painful steroid shots injected right into my scalp and a topical treatment that i should be doing daily, but my brain cannot get it into my routine because topical steroids scare the shit out of me!

i'm in a weird mental space where i know i am "blessed" to have a lot of hair left to hide the spots, as seen in my birthday post here, but i also want to...like...shut a window on my head. you know, really give my scalp something to cry about 😌🤌

by the way, i'm not looking for advice! i have an endocrinologist who listens to me and a dermatologist's physician assistant who is as gentle as they come. and we're pretty confident, collectively, that we know the root cause and are working on treating it. that's a tale for another time, maybe!

xoxo jenn

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this was published February 14, 2022 under living health hormones hair alopecia