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get a sticker book

during covid quarantine, i decided to try to organize the decade of stickers from my career in the tech industry. i figured that i could fashion a sticker book out of a binder and plastic dividers from the dollar store. this proved to be a major fucking pain in the ass.

so actually found a custom sticker book on etsy in december 2022 and i can say that almost exactly one year into owning it, i love this freaking thing.

photo of my stickerbook that's 11x7, covered in a blue and gold cheetah print and has big text saying "jenn's sticker book"

i mean, come on, it has MY NAME ON IT! it's just so flippin cute, ok i need to relax. i'm 16 1/2 11x7" pages into the book. here's that page so far lol: makeup, deftones, my employer playing on the live laugh love phrase, and weed (legal)...these are a few of my favorite things.

photo of a 1/2 full page in my sticker book which has stickers representing glossier the makeup brand, a couple of weed companies and a local dispensary, a deftones sticker that's "ironically" pastel and has a rainbow, and a sticker that says "live waf love"

anyway, i'll make an app where you can page through my sticker book, but that's going to take awhile and i wanted to share this with you before the holidays. a sticker book: awesome gift for any age!!

xoxo jenn, NOT SPONSORED!!

this was published November 14, 2023 under living tech etsy stickers