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how to cheat at nail art

photo of my left hand in front of my black cat, all the nails have a neutral color with teal and red accent except the middle finger has a purplish neon solid color

wow, friends, would you look at that incredible nail art - the colors, the variation in style and shapes! they’re all so different, but yet it works somehow?

yes, i am quite proud of my work here. it would be a damn shame, though, if i was unable to recreate the art of my dominant (right) hand with my left.


my right hand holding a mandarin showing off my nails, all the purplish neon solid color of the previous photo and with a single accent nail

“oh wow, how smart, jenn,” you’re probably realizing. “you do most of the intricate art on your left hand with a single color on one nail that you then make the color for most of the nails on your right hand.”

in this house we work smart, not hard.

xoxo jenn

this was published January 18, 2021 under style art manicure beauty lifehacks pumagreg