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here's what i bought at some dollar stores this week

i'm having an awful time and also i don't want to talk about it - i just don't want to create the perception that my life is perfect right before i show you this siiick dollar store haul, made between two shops in sunnyside this week.

photo of my kitchen table with my dollar store items laid upon it, each of which i'm describing below

  1. a sudoku book. if you love doing sudoku, crosswords or any other word/number puzzles, your local dollar store (if you're so lucky to live near one) will have plenty of them. if you don't love doing puzzles, what's your damage (respectfully)?
  2. 4 mosaic mirror sheets in purple, blue, red and gold. these are mirror stickers that i am going to try to make some rad pixel art with! i was very excited to see this and will keep an eye out for more colors in other stores. by the way, pbs kids is quite a departure from the bazic brand i'm used to seeing at dollar stores.
  3. a black and irridescent glass skull mug. dan akroyd and his gimmick (respectfully) vodka are SHAKING. i'm going to make a candle with this!
  4. 2 gold photo frames. i love buying frames from the dollar store, they come in so many varieties! i've been making some small paintings that would look great in these cheaply ornate ones.

if you're paying attention, yes, that's kate hudson. i'm lucky that it was a nice frame, but regardless i would have purchased it anyway because (as i'm sure most of you do) i collect dollar store frames with celebrity stock inserts.

photo of my looking distressed and holding up 3 photo frames, each with stock images of kate hudson, avril lavigne, and hillary duff

i've only seen white blonde celebrities, which i'm sure has to do with some white supremacist image search algorithm, but if you see any other celebrities used as stock inserts out in your local stores, please send me a photo!

fun, free fact: i look concerned in that photo because the phone kept falling halfway through the timer. the above was the best shot i could get after about 5 of these:

photo of my kitchen ceiling light and the very tip of my messy bun, taken by my phone as it was falling mid-shot

a few of you have reached out to say you miss my stream and watching me virtually "window shop" so i hope this post in particular finds you well. browsing through dollar stores with andy is my second favorite pastime next to jaywalking, and sharing this kind of stuff with you is my third.

xoxo jenn

this was published October 28, 2021 under living art dollar-stores haul art-supplies