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yes, i am trying to get back into painting pixel art again

it's been, probably, years since i've painted any pixel art. yes, i've had artist's block for a long time! no, i don't want to talk about it! earlier this week i made a pixel art painting of this japanese candy mascot named noobow, while andy was streaming a game based on it.

game cover of the noobow game, and noobow has his tongue sticking out
"country boy, i love youuu, ahh"

here's the high-res version andy sent me of our slow, swole boy:

pixel art of noobow, a blob, holding a parachute and looking like he's screaming

i always start by drawing a pencil grid. folks always ask why i don't use graph paper. i always ask folks why they don't let me simply live my life.

photograph of my sketchpad showing a pencil grid of 40 by 30 squares

i used black and white watercolor pigments from case for making. they're an awesome shop in san francisco that i often visited back when i used to travel for work, and you can buy their stuff online.

photograph of the pixel painting of noobow next to my watercolors and tools

as this painting was created entirely because of andy sending me the noobow pixel art, i put it in a little dollar store frame and took it to his place, where it now sits on his record player.

photograph of the framed painting on andy's record player, next to figurines of pokey and blockhead g from gumby's adventures

i'm not sure if my artist's block is surrendering or not, but i'm having andy find me some horny sprites and we'll see where things go from there.

have you ever jumped from one landing to another using a bedsheet as a parachute in order to help santa claus and his angels find 8 gifts that were mysteriously hidden throughout a warehouse, simply so you can convince santa to help you find your way after you somehow woke up on a deserted island? sound off in the comments!

xoxo jenn

this was published August 22, 2021 under living art gaming andy watercolors pixel-art paintings