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some foods that have been comforting me this past shitty month

this month sucked, which is why i have been hella logged-off for a lot of it. things seem to be headed in the right direction, though, so instead of dwelling on negative stuff i want to focus on the following foods which have been a great comfort to me this summer:

  1. mushroom eggs is a dish where i slice a portobello mushroom and fry it in a pan with a tiny bit of oil. after a couple of minutes i pour a little bit of teriyaki sauce and let it simmer. on the other side of the pan i'll then add a handful of spinach, let it wilt, and then add some just egg, fry and cover in cholula. that's mushroom eggs.
  2. the good stuff is an entire box of upton's naturals cheesy bacon mac. the noodles are already cooked, you just have to mix and reheat! it's my favorite boxed vegan mac and cheese.
  3. coke zero is the only offering from coca-cola of which they seem to change every few years in order to humble me. they recently made the label like the classic coke red but with black text instead? the absolute madness over there at coca-cola hq!
  4. apples and peanut butter. i like gala, honeycrisp and macintosh apples. i core and slice them and eat them with a huge tablespoon of super chunky peanut butter. perfect snack!
  5. almond milk iced lattes. is it emotionally manipulative to respond to critiques on how much caffeine i consume with a veiled threat that i would relapse if i didn't have coffee? perhaps, but i never said i was perfect!

i'm feeling better already. by the way, if you watch my stream you're probably wondering where i've been! i'm right here, but i'm not sure when i'll be streaming again. all i can say with confidence is that it will be before coca-cola changes coke zero again!

xoxo jenn

this was published September 28, 2021 under food living laughing vegan drinks