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lizzo told us to fry oyster mushrooms so i did

"hey so i’m eating my feelings because the world continues to let me down" says lizzo as she begins a tiktok of her cooking up some vegan comfort food. i love lizzo and i love reminding people that i caught one of the bouquets of flowers she and her dancers threw into the audience at her 2016 xoxo festival performance, which technically means we are married. look at us, just two hot and talented vegans!

seriously, though, she's been posting a lot of really great vegan meals she's been cooking her herself during the pndm*c. i'm very jealous of her garden and also i used to play flute in elementary school but never was good at it (my teacher blamed my house-sized hands). what CAN'T she do?

anyway today i fried up oyster mushrooms too... a photo of fried oyster mushrooms

like most folks who do cooking tutorials on tiktok, lizzo kept it realistic and did not give specific measurements. measuring is for the weak, well-adjusted and compensated! here are some instructions:

  1. pull the mushrooms into smaller baby wing sized pieces
  2. cover them in some dry flour and seasoning mixture. today i did all purpose flour with sriracha seasoning, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper, and paprika
  3. dip them in a wet mixture. today i did one part unsweetened almond milk and one part just egg™
  4. dip them back in the flour
  5. heat up a pan of oil, get it hella hot and fry those mushroom pieces until they're golden brown
  6. when done, place them on a towel to soak up the excess oil and cool a little

i plated and then covered them in cholula™ and vegan caesar dressing. i also added a side of cooked spinach because even lizzo says to take a break to eat something healthy!

it must be said, the food does not look cute, but it got the job i needed it to do done:_ comfort and spice me. _i’m wishing much comfort and spice to all my friends (and future friends) taking part in actions across the nation to let everyone know that black lives matter.

xoxo jenn

if you like fried foods and/or any of the words that i wrote here, individual or put together in various phrases and sentences, then i encourage you to donate to the womens prison association the wpa is based in nyc and provides trauma-informed support to women in all stages of criminal "justice” involvement.

this was published June 7, 2020 under food tiktok vegan recipes