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6 very important things that had been sitting in my work bag since before the quarantine

it feels like both 5 years and 5 hours ago since my job went from partially to 100% remote in response to the covid-19 pandemic. after my last day in the office, i came home and dropped my work bag to the side like i did every night and that’s where it remained, basically untouched, for about two months. i would like to share with you the six (6) most important things i found when i finally cleaned it out.

the items listed in this post, organized neatly on a wooden table

going clockwise from the top:

  1. a builders protein bar (chocolate peanut butter flavor) which is a great vegan source of protein and sweets. i always keep something like this in my bag in case i get stuck during my commute and hungry. i likely won’t be getting stuck in a commute anytime soon so i’m now eating said protein bar as i write this.
  2. a $50 gift card from a very fancy restaurant that my partner andy took me to for my birthday. even though i told them over phone, text and in person about my coconut allergy, they still served me a dessert with coconut in it. i will say that when they realized the mistake, they handled it extremely well (they even comp'ed our mocktails). i would most definitely go back if they survive the shutdown.
  3. a pair of indian runner duck earrings from cardboard reality, a shop run by a couple of artists/farmers in ontario. andy got me these and some of their pins after i started becoming obsessed with indian runner ducks. i plan to repurpose them as pins, because as earrings they’re not quite my style (andy knew this would be the case).
  4. a foursquare pen that i got from their booth at a twilio product conference in 2017. i wanted to become friends with the foursquare folks, so i had left some glitch stickers and a note for them for when they got back from their break. as soon as i walked away, though, i saw some conference attendee go to the booth and steal all of the stickers! it’s been three years and i’m still seething!!
  5. a $5 coupon from my local indie bookstore, word. this bookstore rules and i cannot wait to be able to go back and look at all the pretty notebooks and pens even though i have more than enough at home.
  6. a whole coffee bean, thrilling!

of course there were more things in my bag, like my umbrella and a variety of drugstore lip glosses that never really got the job done, but this post is about the important things.

take care of yourselves, xoxo jenn

this was published May 31, 2020 under tech living working whats-in-my-bag