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live laugh yawn, a tuesday morning stream

hello livers, laughers, bloggers. hello gamers. hello streamers. hello candle makers. hello dolly.

a few weeks ago i started streaming tuesday mornings at 8:30am et on twitch before it’s time for me to do Real Work™. it’s a variety stream, mostly me chatting and online window shopping. unsurprisingly, lots of candles.

i also have been streaming on thursday evenings with my pal potch at 8pm et (he lives in california, so he can't get up early for morning streams with me lol. we've been playing this awful horse girl simulator game called horsez.

as is the true blogging experience, i wrote up this nice post about candle making and then my curiousity got the best of me and i toggled the "beta" tumblr editor and lost it all. that may be my cue to move the main blog off of here and keep this tumblr as my "jennterest board" - do we like that, "jennterest"???

hope you can join me on tuesday morning next week. i am going to start designing and coding a new template for this blog and, whenever my 2 lbs of soy wax arrives, making candles.

xoxo jenn

this was published March 17, 2021 under living streaming twitch live-laugh-yawn candles potch gaming announcements