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demand justice

it's been a couple of years now that i've been an ep at women's prison association so it only makes sense that our stars would align in just the right formation to bring a partnership with a candle company! image

for every candle sold, $8 will be given to wpa in order to work on our mission to help and empower women touched by the injustices of the so-called criminal "justice" system. it's available until march 8th, so grab them while you can! the notes are black currant, jasmine, tonka, black tea, and amber, which sounds really smooth and comforting - i can't wait for mine to arrive!

if you want to dig deeper into prison abolition, mariam kabe's new book we do this 'til we free us is out. i preordered it and it hasn't arrived yet, but it's no surprise that all the reviews from folks i'm seeing are great.

xoxo jenn

this was published February 25, 2021 under living womens-prison-association candles prison-abolition fundraising books announcements