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commemorating a nice sunday with a large fake snake skeleton (as one does)

welcome to my blog! i had an uncharacteristically pleasant sunday and i wanted to document it. it started with waking up with my partner, andy. if you like playing video games, you will probably love this web-based multi-emulator that he’s been working hard on over the past several months (i, ceo of blogging, built his personal site by the way).

he was over all weekend and had to head home in the morning which is not great, but for a couple of hours my cat, pumagreg, still smelled like him (good). i planned to not get out of my robe and just watch youtube, read mariah carey’s memoir, and also clean up the huge mess in my kitchen that i made breading eggplant whilst stoned the night before.

mirror selfie of me dramatically posing while wearing a fancy short robe and tube socks

plans were meant to be broken, though. my good friend and neighbor, lisa, needed to go to target to buy some halloween decorations and asked if i wanted to come along. she’s making a long tube to distribute candy safely to trick or treaters from her window. lisa is great at many things, including being my instagram boyfriend, which is important on walks around jersey city. this area is rich with unique street art.

photo of me posting dramatically in front of street art of an alien saying the earth's gas prices are too high

i hadn’t been to our local target in 5 years. i live in a pretty reasonable part of new jersey where everyone has been wearing masks with minimal drama, and it was pretty much the evening so there were not many people there. i bought a 6.5 foot-long snake skeleton, which i wore like a scarf on the trip home.

mirror selfie of me holding my black cat and also i have a snake skeleton as a scarf

pumagreg, who at this point smelled like his usual self (still good), was “fine” with the snake skeleton.

a photo of my black cat looking like he's going to kiss my snake skeleton

i closed out the days activities by completing the last workout of the 12-week strength-building program by alexis claire that i’ve been doing. i’m not happy it’s over, i’m just happy that i completed something. sticking to a workout program (hell, even starting it) is hard enough, but 12 weeks is a long time! a few of you have reached out to me after my last post to tell me you’re doing the program now and so i wish you hella strength and healthy gains! today i started a new workout program that’s 2 weeks, which i’ll write about once it’s complete.

i’m hoping i didn’t cash my entire good-day-cheque on this weekend, but even if i did i’ve now got this cool long skeleton to show off on hoobastank2 this wednesday night. i do it all for the blog/stream! anyway, hope you all are doing well and spooky (good).

xoxo jenn

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