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circling back on the aquatic toilet seat

when i blogged last week that i'd finally order the aquatic toilet seat that i've been thinking about for 8 years, i held up my end of the one-sided bargain and followed through. it was $59.99 when i ordered, and it arrived 3 days later.

a photo of toilet-seat-sized box that says "Elegant Touch Toilet Seat" and there's a cut-out in the box exposing the toilet seat. Under the cut-out it says "THE BEST SEAT FOR YOUR BATH. NON-RUST ALUMINUM HINGES, CLEAN WITH SOAP AND WATER, EASY TO INSTALL"

the box was right, it was easy to install! and it is very elegant. unfortunately for you all, it's against my "no showing bathroom online" rule to show you it in its final form, but i staged a dramatized reenactment of it existing outside of my bathroom:

a photo of my new toilet seat, made of blue resin encapsulating fish and seashells, closed and on a black stool in my office

a photo of my new toilet seat, made of blue resin encapsulating fish and seashells, open on the black stool in my office

within moments of taking it out of the box, i decided that i'm taking this toilet seat with me into my grave. no matter how stupid they look, i love every one of these fish like they were my own children.

a photo close up of a weird, dumb looking fake fish that's inside a blue resin toilet seat

treating myself to an elegant, unconventional toilet seat with non-rust aluminum hinges and easy installation has not only unlocked a new chaos within me, but it makes me almost like my terrible bathroom. after i publish this blog, i'm going to find a deep blue transparent shower curtain to go with it.

xoxo jenn

p.s. here's the official twitter thread where you can congratulate me on my new toilet seat

this was published June 7, 2022 under living bathroom adhd overthinking purchases