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3 quick and healthy dishes i make when my last meeting went 20 minutes into lunch and my next meeting is in 40 minutes

tuesday night was livelaughconf (which i’ll write all about later this week) but today it was back to work and i was wondering,

do you ever find yourself in a meeting that has run long (about 20 minutes) into your lunch time, and you're hungry but your next meeting is in 40 minutes?

we live for the thrill!

here are a few quick and healthy dishes i often turn to for fuel to hold me over. they're not fancy, they're only a few ingredients, and they make me feel a hell of a lot better than trying to make it through another hour on zoom without food in me.

roasted carrots and broccoli bowl of roasted carrots and broccoli

roasted vegetables can get very boring, sure, but you can literally and figuratively spice things up in different ways and, again, this is just to hold you over during a busy noon. set your oven to 450 degrees Farrahfawcett, wash a couple of carrots and a broccoli crown. peel the carrots, break up the broccoli, and lay them in a pan. pour a little bit of olive oil and salt over everything and toss around lightly with your chafed-from-all-the-washing hands.

i like to put a ton of black pepper over the carrots and squeeze** lemon juice **over the broccoli. then i put in the oven for 20 minutes and forget to let them cool but it's okay my mouth is made of leather this point.

sauteed kale parmesan bowl of sauteed kale

carl sagan once said that "imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were, but without it we go nowhere." and he was talking about the day i started my stove up to make spinach but then discovered that i was only imagining i had spinach; in reality it was kale. up until that point i had always eaten it cold or dehydrated them to make kale chips.

put about a half cup of water and a few pinches of salt into a saucepan on medium heat and throw in some washed kale. stir until the kale gets tender and the water evaporates (add more water if needed). pour **a little bit of oil **into the pan when the water's evaporated and saute for a few minutes. put into a bowl and cover with grated parmesan cheese. my favorite vegan grated parmesan is follow your heart.

sausage, peppers and onions bowl of sausage, peppers and onions

vegan sausages are more junk than health food but they're high in protein and, honestly, if eating vegan kielbasa for lunch is what kills me, i'll take that over being run over by a self-driving car literally any day of the week. this is my journey.

put some oil in a pan on medium heat. slice up sausages of your choice (this week i had a kielbasa left), and cut up half a yellow onion and a green bell pepper. throw onion in the pan and when they start to get translucent add the pepper and the sausages. this is a good time to throw any spices that complement the sausage in - i often turn to onion powder, garlic powder, red pepper flakes, salt and pepper. make sure to cook both sides of the sausage slices. when they're cooked to your desire, usually just a few minutes, take off the heat.

you can eat off a plate like you're some kind of duchess, or put on a roll. if you're going with kielbasa, make sure to add plenty of spicy brown mustard like you would with the real stuff.

try not to go into meetings hungry, and eat your goddamn vegetables! xoxo jenn

this was published July 1, 2020 under food working health vegan recipes quick-meals