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2024: another year of blog on the desktop

there are only 2 good things about being a blogger:

  1. the piles of money that come in every single week from Big Blog Enterprises
  2. the pleasant surprise that you wrote and totally forgot about your resolutions and intentions from the year prior

hello, fellow billionaires. i'm jenn schiffer and this is my 2024 blog, a lot has changed since my 2023 post.

i've got nothing to lose with going into the new year hopeful, though: i'll be hitting 4 years of no alcohol in april, i've got a job, andy and i are (generously) 1/5 through the playground scene in powerwash simulator, i can still afford therapy even with the new year's fee increase, and i'm pretty close to perfecting a recipe for vegan mac and cheese sauce that's i've been working on all year.

it will be 5 years of no alcohol in april! i still have a job, but i did have to go on indefinite sabbatical from my small business (power wash simulator) because it was awful for my joints, but i'm pretty sure we finished the playground scene and a few others. the therapy fee increase this new year is half what last year's increase was and girl math tells me that means i'm making money off of those sessions, now. i'll share the vegan mac and cheese sauce recipe soon, i forgot about that.

as for my 2023 resolutions, i did a really good job considering that i forgot i even had resolutions - i started the year off with a bad hashimotos flareup that also triggered depression. anyway this all simply proves that manifestation is real and that ugly, cunty book "the secret" was not just a foreshadowing of today's society. last year i picked up a lot of new things: aerial yoga, airbrushing and 3d web development, and so of course this year i want to get better at those and my other hobbies.

new years resolutions for 2024, in order from easiest to most difficult

  • don't chop my hair off
  • experiment more with my candle-making
  • stay consistent with my weekly aerial yoga routine
  • start making nice paintings with the airbrush
  • get back into figure drawing
  • make a really cool 3d web project
  • incorporate a new activity into my fitness routine
  • drink fewer fizzy drinks
  • do 5 solid push-ups
  • stop making jokes about my hypothyroidism being from eating microplastics

what a nice list, time to set it and forget it until next january!

xoxo jenn

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