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today i put jeans on, on purpose!

i got dressed to go to duane reade and use my “$7 off purchases of $25 or more” coupon on allergy medicine but then it immediately got dark outside so i changed my mind and changed into my pajamas. guess i’ll try again next year 😏

mirror selfie and i'm wearing a blue denim button up, black crop turtleneck, big blue jeans and black boots, also a leopard print belt

button up from everlane, turtleneck crop from asos, jeans from cos, boots from cole haan (recent collaborators with IRC competitor, slack), belt from target. everything except the belt and jeans were thrifted. i just noticed the cat toy on the floor in front of my feet; i’ve been looking all week for that thing!

xoxo jenn

this was published December 30, 2020 under ootd shopping selfies

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