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my 2020 gratitude thread

every month or so when i am feeling destructive, i’ll run a script to delete all of my tweets – except for a choice few, of course. this year i’m going to avoid doing that, but just in case i want to immortalize a “gratitude thread” thread i made on new years eve.

i am thankful for my alcohol sobriety (21 months next week) 🧃 it is totally a valid badge of honor after the year i’ve had.

photo of my boyfriend andy holding my black cat pumagreg

thankful for my two fellas, here 💕 when quarantine started, andy and i were apart for a solid 3 months and that fucking sucked! but i am forever indebted to pumagreg for letting me stay in his apartment which i pay for.

i am thankful for animal crossing coming out just in time for my physical and emotional adjustment to being stuck at (pumagreg’s) home as the sole human for months.

screenshot of a skype call and all of us hoobastank2 hosts are floating busts in some weird amphitheater virtual background

i am v thankful for @Hoobastank2TTV & my dear friends + collaborators bijan, ryan, mark, & karl. i love hanging out with these goofs & talking shit every week. i am v excited for what we have in store for the new year & i am not thankful for “skype”

i am thankful for everyone following and contributing to my lifestyle blog/performance (this blog you’re reading now hehe) y’all helped me raise over $10k for the wpa at the first livelaughconf and i am excited to expand the live laugh “brand” in 2021.

i am thankful for my 2020 album of the year (17 years in a row!), @AFI’s sing the sorrow. my sweet boys, if you’re reading this, your spotify streams may have dropped significantly this year but that’s just because i switched to tidal.

i am thankful for my neighbors and the deeper connections i’ve made with them during the pandemic. it made me feel less isolated and more at home.

i am thankful for my therapist!!

work this year has not been fun for me, but i am thankful to anil (my skip-level manager/ceo) and alexa (my manager/vp of marketing) for coaching me through the lows. i made it a point to stop saying “i’m blessed to have a job” because that’s just me being brainwashed by capitalism but i am blessed to have those two on my team.

i am extremely thankful for the glitch community for giving me so many cool apps to look at, asking great questions and giving really important and needed feedback as we rode this turbulent carousel of time together. the community is my favorite and most important colleague.

thankful for newsletter/columns that brought me much joy and intelligence: ryan broderick’s garbage day, david farrier’s webworm, casey johnston’s ask a swole woman, and dm’s from my style muse, rachel.

thankful to plants and legumes, and my access to them, for sustaining me in my journey of valuing all living creatures, not just humans.

a diptych of a dat boi meme and iud

i am thankful for good memes and iuds

i am thankful for all the animals who made surprise appearances in all my zoom calls

a photo of a cake iced and with cones as legs to look like a turkey (kind of)

and of course i am thankful for my many incredible talents 🎉

i’m wishing you all a lively, laughful and loving 2021!

xoxo jenn

this was published January 4, 2021 under living gratitude andy twitter