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the grey muse, an etsy pin haul

in an effort to make my etsy stop showing me a cannoli dildo (true story, and no i won't link and ruin both of our recommendations), i organized my favorites and started searching "pretty pins" and other queries that would save me from the algorithm.

in that journey, i found a local (jersey city!!) seller, the grey muse who makes really beautiful pins and other items. i ordered some and they arrived quite quickly!

photo of some pins i bought along with the packaging: a lavendar pin, a pin set of colorful little blobs, and an interactive color wheel

the lavender pin is what first caught my attention, and then i figured the colorful set of blobs would look really cute lined up my denim vest or a blazer. and, because i'm a absolute ding dong for interactive pins, i got the really cool color wheel.

animated gif showing me spinning the top wheel on the black and gold color wheel pin

check out the grey muse on etsy to see all the other beautiful flowers and other kinds of wares. by the way, the reason why etsy would show me a cannoli dildo is because i used to search weird stuff for hoobastank2 stream segments (lol "used to" sure, jennifer). i can announce with pride that they've stopped recommending erotic fishing lures.

xoxo jenn

this was published February 27, 2022 under style art pins etsy haul