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how do sunscreens work

of all my opinions on skincare, one of them is that you should wear spf every day. that’s easier said than done - your complexion, skin type, budget, and even which country you live in all have an impact on what your best options are. i’m still figuring it out for myself, and i’ll do a post about the products i use at another time.

in the meantime, i really recommend this video from one of my favorite content creators, lab muffin beauty science. michelle has a phd in chemistry, so some of the videos like this one gets very...science-y...but it’s really good info and not pretentious at all.

if you’re afraid to dive right into molecule charts, you can work your way up to it by watching her video on wearing spf and makeup together or any other videos she lists in the description to catch you up.

it’s not just about slowing down aging, it’s about preventing skin cancer!

xoxo jenn

this was published January 10, 2021 under health style spf video youtube skincare

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