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a few very good youtube videos

want to watch some cool youtube videos? how about three cool youtube videos?

shouts out to my pal, mike for recommending me this video breaking down the vocal harmonies in alice in chains' catalog, something anyone who likes music (fan of aic or not) should watch:

ixi does a really great job of explaining music composition to an audience without that background (very much me), and does a great job advocating for the artistry of the band. i'm a lover of music, but i don't know much about composition or theory, so i appreciate youtubers like ixi taking their incredible knowledge and love for music and giving us dorks ways to articulate why we love the bands that we love.

after you watch that, turn on this video about how different animals percieve the world and prepare to have your worldview changed:

i am a computer scientist, not an animal scientist, so i don't know how much of this stuff is hypothesis versus scientific fact, but it's still fascinating to consider the differences in perception that animals have - not just time and space, but color as well. i heard that some shrimps see different colors than we do. is that true? is that fair? guess we'll never know.

that video was shown to me by andy, who also saved this video in our shared playlist:

i grew up watching dinosaurs and this video does a great job of explaining how great they were at storytelling and teaching important lessons that, looking at the world today, no one learned i guess 🥹😓. i found myself mouthing the words to clips of the show i haven't seen in like 25 years, like i was shocked at how much i internalized from the show.

hope you enjoyed these videos :)

xoxo jenn

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