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a photo of me posing in front of my mirror, holding a cbd seltzer can

hi, iā€™m jenn schiffer and this is my lifestyle blog.

i'm a director of community at a tech company, an open web developer, and a pixel artist with 30 hobbies and 0 attention span.

"every day is a winding road" - sheryl crow

i created this blog so that everyone can join me in living, laughing, and blogging. if you want to say hi, share cool things you've made, or share ideas with me, you can contact me by emailing jenn@dotbiz.info or finding me at any of a number of places:

i am not on facebook or instagram šŸ‘½

"life is a highway" - tom cochrane

i built this blog myself with 11ty on glitch. you're looking at the year 3 theme, which is what i would have made the default style of the first web page ever if i were the inventor.