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hi, iā€™m jenn schiffer and this is my lifestyle blog.

a photo of me posing in front of my mirror, holding a cbd seltzer can

"every day is a winding road" - sheryl crow

in april of 2020, i decided to become a future lifestyle blogger. like many folks adapting to the chaos of the pandemic, i started a blog so i could "learn how to have fun on the internet again." and for a year i did just that ā€“ sharing kitchen chaos, makeup tutorials, random chores and more.

now it's time to become a current lifestyle blogger.

and i'm glad you're here to join me on this journey! if you're not familiar with me, i stole this blurb from my own website:

hi i am jenn schiffer, a code and content creator based in jersey city. my day job is director of community at glitch. by week night/end, i am a tech humorist, extremely hot and smart goofball, lifestyle blogger, and (at least on tuesday mornings) a variety streamer on twitch.

some of my personality traits include:

  • living in jersey city with my black cat, pumagreg, and a coconut allergy
  • having over two years of sobriety along with a bachelors and masters in computer science
  • struggling with veganism, adhd, and having an incredible sense of humor

i hope you enjoy living, laughing, and blogging with me. if you want to say hi, share cool things you've made, or share ideas with me, you can contact me by emailing jenn@dotbiz.info or finding me at any of a number of places listed down below.

xoxo jenn

places you can/should find me include:

i am not on facebook or instagram šŸ‘½

about this blog

i built this site with 11ty on glitch. you're looking at the year 2 theme, which i designed based on the branding asisi felicia came up with for me in april 2020. i flipped the switch on this new blog app/theme on the evening of may 3, 2021.