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illustrations of procrastination: semi-homemade vegan chicken wrap

a couple of weeks ago i embarked on an exciting new journey for live laugh blog (that’s the blog you’re reading right now): an extreme platform migration and custom built theme to celebrate its upcoming 1st birthday.

i love tumblr, but the post editor is honestly writer-hostile - which is fine because the best content on tumblr are images and that’s what it’s good at. i’m not leaving tumblr, i’m just moving my long-from content over to its own space. today i copied and pasted just under 50 posts and it was a nice journey through the past year of this "pandemic project"! i wish i wrote more, but also i’m glad i didn’t because that would have made today’s chore of copying and pasting markdown be longer than ever.

i have, now, a lot of coding and qa to do before the "year 2" launch at the end of the month. i really should go heads down again on that. but first, here's one of my go-to quick and hearty meals for when my brain tells me to eat instead of work: semi-homemade vegan chicken wraps.

a photo of an un-rolled vegan chicken wrap

they're "semi-homemade" because i don't have time to make fake chicken from scratch!!

  • warm a tortilla up
  • pan fry 4 gardein crispy tenders (or bake if you're a dutchess that has the time)
  • on the tortilla add the tenders, chopped or whole
  • add some veggie toppings; i usually go for spinach and tomato, but it depends on what i've got around

i smear some veganaise and drench the wrap in cholula before wrapping it all up. this satisfying wrap clocks in at 32 grams of protein, haters.

okay, now that that's all out of the way, it's back to coding!

xoxo jenn

this was published April 3, 2021 under food procrastination vegan recipes